Nell'Arcipelago Esterno

“In the Outer Archipelago”


Autor: Edelfelt, Albert

Title: Ulkosaaristossa (“In the Outer Archipelago”)
Inventary A I 622
Holder: Ateneum Art Museum
Collection: Antell
Year: 1898
Technique: Oil on Canvas
Category: Painting
Dimensions: 86 cm x 146 cm

Signum of the glass negative WSOY S II, 146
Year: 1898
Photographer: Nyblin, Daniel [Helsinki]
Photo technique: Dry disc
Photo type: Black and white negative

Signum of the digital positive: 110203Ha013
Date of digitization 2011-02-03
Digitizer (photographer who has taken the digital photo of the original glass plate): Aaltonen Hannu
Description (of the digital photo): Positive from a glass negative
Digital Camera: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II
Photo Software: Photoshop cs4